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The Maitre'D MealZone® solution allows restaurateurs to offer their menus online giving them another venue to increase their sales. MealZone is fully integrated with the POS application, so that orders are sent directly from a transactional website to the kitchen printer without any manual order entry. Restaurants can customize their online menus to maintain a corporate image.

> MealZone features:

  • Fully integrated with the POS – no faxes or emails, orders are sent directly to the kitchen
  • Ability to place orders for a group of people
  • Ability to send special instructions/preferences
  • Order for delivery, take-out or dine-in
  • Email alerts are sent to customers when the order has been successfully sent, and when the order is ready
MealZone turns a restaurant’s website into a dynamic eCommerce platform. MealZone’s online food ordering system supports take-out, delivery and dine-in orders for single and multi-store operations. MealZone is deployed as an easy-to use, customizable Application Service Provider (ASP) based utility. But MealZone is more than an online food ordering system; it also serves as a turnkey marketing platform for restaurants with a real-time interface to Maitre’D. The MealZone database allows each restaurant to easily create powerful, automated, customer-specific marketing programs.  

> Increase your profits

  • MealZone increases your food-to-go sales and boosts customers’ repeat orders.
  • MealZone can increase the per-check average by 20% to 30%, by automatically prompting customers to include a drink or dessert with their order.
  • Just a few orders per day provide positive ROI for your restaurant.

> Reduce your costs – Increase Efficiency and Order Accuracy

  • MealZone allows your team to focus on preparing and serving food instead of answering the phones and handling payments.
  • In many restaurants, language barriers create confusion for restaurant staff and customers.
    MealZone eliminates the problem by delivering accurate orders. Each customer’s order is instantly confirmed, exactly as it was placed, via autoresponder e-mails.
  • MealZone speeds up the ordering, pre-payment and preparation of food-to-go meals. This saves time for both your restaurant and your customer.
  • Your customers can place a repeat order in a fraction of the time, by clicking on previous order history and securely saved payment information.
  • MealZone is fully integrated into a fast, easy and secure eCommerce payments platform.
  • MealZone is capable of handling any and all modifiers.
  • The Group Ordering feature simplifies accurate ordering for large groups, such as corporate lunches or Super Bowl parties.

> Market to your customers

  • Customer incentives are made easy with MealZone coupons, discounts, and loyalty rewards points programs.
  • MealZone automatically collects customer information in a secure format. The MealZone database allows you to easily create powerful, automated, customer specific marketing programs.
  • E-mail your entire customer base directly from MealZone to inform them about specials or events.

> Gain competitive advantage

  • MealZone gives you the competitive edge that keeps customers happy. Customers will become repeat customers AND refer new business to you.
  • MealZone interfaces seamlessly with the Maitre’D Back-Office. MealZone sends orders from your website to the Maitre’D Back-Office and to a kitchen printer.
  • MealZone provides an easy-to-use order review screen and flexible reporting capabilities to track sales and customer information.
  • MealZone turns your restaurant website into a dynamic eCommerce platform using a simple link. Don’t have a website yet? No problem! A landing page and hosting are provided available as part of the system.
  • The MealZone Control Panel gives you full control over the web ordering look and feel, item description and pricing, and much more. Painlessly manage your menus, customers, marketing & promotional tools, and technology. Update your site dynamically anytime, from anywhere. Set your own pick-up, dine-in or delivery lead times, minimum order and delivery charges.

> Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do Customers Like It?
Yes! MealZone saves your customers valuable time and increases their satisfaction and loyalty.
Online orders are always accurate, and automated e-mail confirmations eliminate customer disputes!
The customer ordering experience is easy, quick and secure. A customer visits your website,
adds menu items to his shopping cart and submits an order. MealZone remembers your customer’s
previous orders for effortless re-ordering. The checkout process is fast because the customer’s
payment information is safely and securely stored by MealZone for PCI-compliant recall.

What type of restaurant can use MealZone?
Progressive restaurant owners know that online food orders are an incredibly efficient way to
increase sales. MealZone supports take-out, delivery and dine-in orders for single- and multi-store
operations. Any restaurant concept can use MealZone.

What is the length of the MealZone contract?
No contracts, no hidden fees. Cancel at any time, with 30 days prior written notice.

How Reliable Is The Order Delivery System?
MealZone delivers orders to your restaurant – no matter what. MealZone continuously monitors itself
on a regular basis.

Backup systems include:

  • If the POS is down or malfunctions, the order is printed on a designated backup printer.
  • If the Internet connectivity is down, the order is automatically routed to your restaurant fax machine.
  • If the fax machine is busy or out of paper, the order is sent to an e-mail and the restaurant
    manager/owner is notified via a text message to his/her cell phone or pager.
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